We use premium fabrics for all our garments hand sourced by our team. All our prints are Mill- Made with best fine threads, fine quality and with no bleeding effects. All photographs are for representation purpose and are shot to try and look as close as possible to the original product ordered but may have marginal colour variations from the actual product.

Our collection is a subtle mix and use of colours, prints which are well placed in a combination giving out best looks yet the positioning of artwork may be different from that as displayed in the picture.

Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible. There are times when a camera or a computer monitor can’t match perspective of an eye. Slight difference is unavoidable.

Since the fabric, used in the garments are of fine quality we always give our best when it comes to natural fabric and also the Mill fabric, the quality is 100% assured with fine prints and solids yet some collection or parts are dyed in a natural or artificial dye pigments to bring out the best look and may bleed when comes in contact with water for the first time, we recommend to read the basic description of the product you order on the website before the wash.

Handwash lightly with mild detergent. Do not soak any cotton dress & do not wash with another garment. Dry inside out in shade.Dry clean is ideal but hand wash also works.

Taking care of your clothes will keep them looking good and fresh for longer.

The following instructions will help you prolong the life of your cotton clothes.

Water is precious. Wash garments only when necessary. Airing it after every use will keep them fresh for use, a couple of times.

Wash our garments by hand. Do not put them in a washing machine or dryer.

All our cottons are either handloom woven or hand-block printed.

Shrinkage may not occur to the fabric.

In other cases, wash the clothes carefully by hand.

Sort clothes colour-wise. Wash only similar coloured garments together.

Put a small quantity of mild detergent in a half-filled bucket of cold water. Soak the garment in the soapy solution for five minutes. Do not soak for a longer duration. Pre-soaked garments must be washed immediately.

The soiled areas can be rubbed gently by hand. Do not use a solid bar of soap or a brush. Rinse the garment a few times in cold water to remove the detergent completely.

A final dip in a diluted solution of liquid starch will render a crisp finish to the garment. Do not wring too much.

Drying your clothes under the sun causes colour-fading. Therefore, hang them out to dry in the evenings or in shade. Garments should be hung straight to dry on rust- proof hangers (either plastic or wooden).

Do not iron directly on foil-prints, embroidery, etc. Such clothes should be turned inside out and ironed lightly.

Store garments in a cool, dry, place protected from sunlight. Keep whites and light coloured garments away from the darker coloured ones. Use aromatic sachets to dispel cupboard odours.